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Who We Are

The CARED Collective, (Calgary Anti-Racism Education) established in January 2009, consists of six women from the anti-racism community in Calgary. Each member brought her own knowledge of racism and anti-racism and a commitment to anti-racism activism. The committee met regularly, with small working group meetings held more frequently with members assuming a variety of roles. Whether we acted as advisors, creators, editors, visionaries or providers of food and support, we all contributed to the creation of this online anti-racism resource. We owe special thanks to others who were very much involved in the process, especially Linda Kongnetiman and the University of Calgary Native Centre, as well as to those who contributed their expertise to this resource. 

Our tree and root image conveys both our regionality (Southern Alberta), as well as the many associations behind our title, STAND. A stand of trees, a common sight in our province, presents both a sense of community and individuality, a sense of purpose and rootedness; most of all, "stand" is one of the root words in the most important term in anti-racism work: understanding.

The following are the members of the CARED group. 

  • C. Chagnon-Greyeyes

  • B. Johnston

  • J. Kelly

  • D. Paquette

  • A. Srivastava

  • T. Wong


This project was made possible due to the support from the following organizations.

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